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Bran & Saute, the first choice in cookies/ biscuits across millions of households Worldwide.


When asked about Bran & Saute, people are reminded of the tasty cookies/ biscuits or a delicious dessert made by our very own CRAFT BAKERS.


Bran & Saute product range carries a Promise of quality, Cookies baked with the best ingredients i.e., PROUD TO BE THE PART OF YOUR FRIST MORNING BITE! ☺


We bake our cookies with finest ingredients and offer them to consumers in a society that values us for what we are, what we do and believe in our existence.


We are passionate about transforming finest ingredients into high-quality innovative food products that are accessible for everyone. We achieve this by working alongside clients who share our business model, by fostering our workers’ development, and by assisting farmers and local suppliers to grow with us.


· Passion

· Commitment

· Teamwork

· We bring more to life